Ultrakühl Product Overview

Ultrakühl products are specifically designed to give the manufacturer an advantage in the ever increasing competitive market place.

Our Extensive product portfolio, combined with the technical knowledge and service, provides users with the ultimate innovative solutions, process improvements and cost reductions.

Product Advantages:

  • Increased feed and speeds reduce your cycle times
  • Enhanced tool life cuts downtime and tooling costs
  • Low foam technology permits use at high coolant pressures
  • Easy-to-manage products let you focus on your core operations
  • Enhanced wetting characteristics lead to low coolant drag out

Product Data

Product Types

Ultrakühl W Range

Product Information

A comprehensive suite of micro emulsions developed to afford extended and predictable fluid life. The Ultralkuhl W range gives excellent work-piece visibility and constant performance over a wide range of water qualities.

Ultrakühl X Range

Product Information

A complete range of high performance multi-metal compatible products designed for the most demanding of applications and industries. With advantage of added synthetic lubricity enhancers and performance additives the X range will surpass your expectations.

Ultrakühl RR

Product Information

Manufactured using food grade Vegetable based ester material Ultrakühl RR is the product of choice for those looking to enhance productivity without compromising on product health and safety and workforce acceptability. Naturally sourced raw materials = better for the environment.

Ultrakühl S Range

Product Information

Totally synthetic products containing no mineral oil that provide ideal solutions for grinding and cutting applications. Multi-metal compatible including Cobalt containing material such as carbide.